The Best Aged Eggnog

I love eggnog.  I love all dairy and I love things that are only available at certain time of the year (Cadbury Cream Eggs!) so eggnog is right up my alley.  I grew up drinking the store bought stuff sans alcohol.  I tried spiking it for the first time a few years ago and the results were unimpressive.  But when I heard about this recipe for homemade eggnog that could be aged for a whole year, I was intrigued.  I don't have the planning skills to let mine age that long, but I whipped some together in time to give it three weeks before the holiday celebrations begin.  I hear the flavor changes quite a bit, but based on my first sip I can already tell you it's delicious, I can hardly wait to taste it in a few weeks!

The recipe is simple, I have it memorized after making it just the once.  Milk, cream, sugar, eggs, and booze.  A lot of booze, bourbon, dark rum, and cognac.  Delicious!  This is not my recipe so head over to ChowHound the check out the proportions and full instructions.

The assembly is pretty simple also.  Start by separating your eggs, be sure to save a freeze the whites for later!

In a large bowl, and I mean large this recipe is for one gallon of nog, beat together the yolks and sugar till creamy.  Whisking works too.

Then add all of your liquid ingredients.  Ta Da!

That's it!  Pour yourself a glass to reward all that hard work and store the rest in glass bottles or jars until the holiday parties begin.  When you are ready to serve defrost your egg whites, whip them up and fold them in to make your eggnog thick and creamy.   Don't forget a sprinkle of fresh nutmeg either.  Yum!  I'm looking forward to my first good excuse to break out a bottle and taste how it had aged.

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