Herringbone Cowl

Today: was rainy.  My house: is cold.  I: am grumpy.  It seems that today is just one of those days that can't go right.  It's Megan and the terrible horrible no good very bad day over here.  So I'm waving the white flag.  I'm settling into the couch with a box of girl scout cookies, my embroidery, and my new audiobook.  I'm doing it in my favorite, warmest, coziest cowl.  I made it last October from a modified version of the Purl Bee pattern.  I love the herringbone stitch and in such a chunky wool it knit up quick.  I wear this out as often as I wear it around the house, and I always get a compliment.  I'm trying to wear it as much as possible this winter because it's almost too warm for the mild season we've been having, but right now it is perfect.  I can't help but feel a little less grumpy with such a cozy cowl.

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