Etsy: April Showers

So I've heard last month was particularly dry for March in Portland, and this past weekend felt like summer had arrived.  However, Today is grey and rainy, and I don't mind because more rain means more flowers.  Growing up in LA the old adage "April showers bring May flowers" made no sense to me.  In LA it mostly rains in January, if it will rain at all, and the flowers show up in February.  Portland has more flowers than anywhere else I have lived, just walking to get my coffee this morning I was stunned by the variety that have burst into bloom in the past week.  I can't wait to see what the rest of Spring has in store for us.

1  -  Somewhere Over the Rainbow Mobile  -  Razzle Dazzle 4 U
2  -  Kelly Green Umbrella  -  Box of Hollyhocks
3  -  Green Rain Boot with Ivory BowPuddles and Rain Bows
4  -  Singing in the Rain Art Print  -  Scissors Paper Mouse
5  -  Coral Rose Flower Crown  -   Bloom Design Studio
6  -  Paper HydrangeaAdorn Flowers
7  -  Vintage Floral Tea Dress  -  Simplicity is Bliss
8  -  Spring Bird Art Print Amelia Herbertson 

Happy Easter

Happy Easter everyone one!  Easter is my spring holiday of choice.  I can't resist egg dying, giant bunnies, and massive amounts of candy.  However, I  do have a soft spot for Passover (Elijah!) and the Persian New Year (egg spinning!).  So whatever your spring holiday is, I hope you celebrate this season of rebirth with joy in your heart and that your next year is filled with abundance!

How To:
Easter Egg Garland

So now that I've started with the seasonal decorating, I'm hooked.  I wanted to do a little special Easter display in my home to take advantage of all the lovely spring pastels and make everything generally more festive.  I found little paper mache eggs at Collage and crocheted them into this sweet garland in an evening.  While this project is not for those who have never picked up a crochet hook, it shouldn't be too difficult for crochet beginners.

Photo Shoot With Linnea Paulina Photography

I mentioned last week that I went to a photography event with the Portland Bloggers.  The Portland Bloggers are a group committed to connecting bloggers in the Portland area and helping them to forge relationships that lead to better blogging.  Strike A Pose was an event to help bloggers with posing and styling, hair and makeup, and have photographs taken be professional photographers.  I went in with little idea what to expect.  I had never had real advice on any of these topics, and had never had my photograph taken by a professional.  But my experience at ALT taught me that bloggers are some of the kindest and welcoming folks out there.  So I went in with a smile on my face ready to start conversations with strangers and make some new friends.

On Long Distance Relationships

Long distance relationships are a fact of life these days.  We can blame globalization, we can blame the economy, we can blame ourselves for being so darn fidgety.  But it seems that most of my friends have gone through a period of long distance love at some point in their lives.  People's experiences with long distance are as varied as people's relationships are.  I'm coming to the end of my third period of long distance with Nathan, here's how my experiences with have changed over the course of our relationship and some of the struggles I'm dealing with in it right now.

How To:
Intermediate Embroidery Stitches

I get 90% of my embroidery done with just a few basic stitches.  But sometimes it can be fun to experiment.  I challenged myself to play with new stitches in my Easter Tea Towel, and I really enjoyed both the process and the results.  These stitches aren't much more complicated than the basics, and they open a whole new world of creative application.  Here's how to do them...

Embroidered Easter Egg Tea Towel

I had so much fin making my Valentine's Day pillows to change up my seasonal decor, I wanted to do the same for springtime.  I mentioned yesterday that my family is not big on Easter, but that doesn't mean I am immune.  I love Easter eggs,  Easter bunnies, Easter candies.  So for a simple Easter themed decoration I whipped up this quick Easter Tea Towel for the kitchen.  Doesn't it look fresh and crisp on the white stove?

In addition to being great seasonal decor, this project was a great way to play with different embroidery stitches.  I used a total of nine stitches on the towel.  Some I had never used before.  It was a lot of fun to work them into the design.  Check back tomorrow to learn some of my favorites and how to incorporate them into your own embroidery.